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Media solutions for exhibitions and trade fairs. Octaga Visual Solutions has delivered big screen presentations for numerous events. We are experienced in understanding the special filmatic demands in large and unusual screen formats. Our presentation solutions are flexible and can be displayed on most display solutions.




New on the market this fall is the interactive presentations for the Windows tablets. Our interactive presentations with real-time 3D content can now be displayed on a tablet that you can easily bring to meetings, exhibitions or in the field.


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You can now display your 3D content on the web. Using a plug-in or a HTML5 solution is it now possible to create interactive 3D modules for your website. Web based presentation solutions for multiple users are also available. Please see examples for testing and more technical specifications on the next page.




Web icons and print publications to ultra-large billboards. Often these products are bundled with our video or interactive productions to provide the customer with a complete range of media assets for marketing, sales and training.



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