Our Products

Our presentation solutions make it possible for you to show your products and systems through eye-catching displays at trade shows, web applications and illustrations. Octaga Visual Solutions provides unique solutions for your communication.



Interactive Presentations

Excite your audiences with an interactive presentation! Octaga Visual Solutions has years of experience producing thrilling and immersive interactive media experiences. Interactive presentations are based on original gaming technology that has been further developed to become a reliable and interesting presentation tool.



Film and Video Production

Our background in classic filmmaking and directing enables us to produce across a wide range of genres: From newscasts and corporate documentaries to product demonstrations and commercials.



Video Animations

Years of close cooperation with engineers and designers give us a great advantage in producing technically demanding 3D animations. We produce animation sequences and entire CG productions, including technical demonstrations, commercials and branding videos.





Web icons and print publications to ultra-large billboards. Often these products are bundled with our video or interactive productions to provide the customer with a complete range of media assets for marketing, sales and training.




3D Viewing Software

To meet the industrial challenge of presenting large, advanced and complex products Octaga Visual Solutions has developed their own 3D viewing software.



Octaga Player

Octaga Player is a high performance viewer for interactive 3D presentations based on X3D, the ISO standard for interactive graphics. It can handle huge 3D models and rich interactive content.



Octaga Panorama

The Octaga Panorama solution is a complete package for displaying Octaga’s interactive presentations in a non-standard display solution.



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